"Jason’s Journey from Struggle Street to Business Success "

BAD life choices, bankruptcy, depression, alcoholism and addiction.


Hardly sounds the like starting blocks for a successful business, but when the going got tough for Jason Shanley a few years ago, he got going, and started to make changes to turn his life around.


His first step was admitting he needed help in his personal life – the second was starting his own business Jack ‘n’ Molly after completing the New Business Assistance with NEIS with Sarina Russo Entrepreneurs.


“I was dealing with some personal issues, largely the result of bad choices, a relationship breakdown, bankruptcy, mental health, addiction and knew I had to get help,” Jason said.


“I had been to counselling and detox, but I kept relapsing and until you choose sobriety and stop believing your own bullshit, the cycle will only continue until you are ready to embrace positive changes in your life.”


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If step one on Jason’s rocky road to redemption was the completion of a recovery program, step two was his decision to undertake the New Business Assistance with NEIS program under the mentorship of Graeme Walker and Peter Whitefield.


“I had already made a start on my business and website in 2018, and in December 18′, Graeme’s mentoring with business and financial plans and support was really beneficial for me to get me started in 2019,” Jason said.


“My business is a service-based role and it’s about building relationships, better communities, & healthier lifestyle choices for everyone – I had the plan in my mind, but Graeme’s mentoring really allowed me to articulate that plan and put it on paper and take action to run my own business to help other people, which has always been my dream”.


Jack ‘n’ Molly is a lifestyle business based in Melbourne, that works with people who are struggling in recovery from drugs and alcohol, mental health, general health and wellbeing or just the stress of everyday life, with meditation being a key focus. 


For more information please visit www.jacknmolly.com.au