"Digital Story Telling Naomi’s Forte"

CREATIVITY means many things to many people but for Brisbane entrepreneur Naomi Wengier it’s all about establishing a business which doesn’t just create content for her growing clientele, but offers support and guidance along the way. 


A digital marketer at the big end of town in a former life, Naomi leapt out of her comfort zone in March last year and freefell into the world of freelancing, self-employment and entrepreneurship.


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Fortunately, she found a softish landing in the shape of Sarina Russo Entrepreneurs and the support network of the New Business Assistance with NEIS program and in June last year she launched NW Creative – the one-stop shop of custom made content she had long dreamt of.


“The motivation to start my own business was fuelled through my frustration of working in environments which lacked support, nurturing and understanding of my creative nature” Naomi said.


“At the time, my life had been turned upside down and I was starting out all over again, so I started the New Business Assistance with NEIS program at Sarina Russo and it was amazing!


“I was always extremely dedicated to my employers and after a while I thought ‘why don’t I just work for myself and devote the same dedication to my own business’.


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“I had no idea there was so much support out there and my first two or three paid clients were people I did the NEIS course with followed by a  Facebook networking group and weekly catch ups with my NEIS classmates.”


NW Creative is a one-woman show that specialises in tailored content that showcases clients’ branding across all things digital including copywriting, web content, email marketing, design and creative writing.


“I have always admired the impact of the written word and the power of storytelling,” Naomi said.


“It was extremely challenging, stepping out of my comfort zone, finding a routine which works best for me and learning how to set healthy boundaries but it’s the best thing I have ever done.”

For more information please visit www.nwcreative.com.au

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