Sandra Gartner Proves To Be ‘Master Mentor’…Again

Sandra Gartner Proves To Be 'Master Mentor'...Again

Sandra’s done it again . . . our brilliant Business Solutions Coach proved herself to be the mentoring guru when her client Beacon Dog Training won the 2019 BizCover NEIS-Change Award.

The NEIS Awards acknowledged new business owners, Australia-wide, who have completed the New Business Assistance with NEIS program in the past two years.

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Owned and operated by Maddie and Tom Ross at Robina on the Gold Coast, Beacon Dog Training is a story of true courage, grit and determination.  The business started after Tom suffered a severe spinal injury whilst on holidays and then his pooch Toby became a problem child.

As a T12 paraplegic, Tom realised that not all disabled people could work with their dogs the same way, so they approached Sarina Russo Entrepreneurs and graduated from the New Enterprise Incentive Scheme (NEIS) program.

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The win makes it two victories from the past four years for Sandra after her clients Larrikin Puppets won in 2015.  This is on top of wins by Chris Raine from Hello Sunday Morning (2011) and Graeme Caplen from Union Lane (2012) – both mentored by fellow Business Solutions Coach, India Suter.

“I am so thrilled for Maddie and Tom.  The NEIS Award is a testament to the courage and passion they both have displayed since they started the NEIS journey in 2017,” Sandra said.

“Maddie and Tom worked tirelessly to build a business that now employs two staff and runs 19 classes every week for over 100 dogs.

“Using Maddie’s digital skills, they launched “That Dog Geek” – an online educational channel watched by thousands weekly and this, along with savvy marketing and key collaboration partners saw Beacon Dog Training take off.”


For more information please visit Beacon Dog Training’s Official Website.

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Frances Brushes Role to Paint a New Future

Frances Brushes Role to Paint a New Future

SOME call it a sea change and others term it a tree change – but former finance officer Frances Duggan it was most definitely a me change.

“It was more to do with getting away from the sedentary lifestyle I had been leading after working in an office for 25 years,” Frances said.

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“I wanted to look for a career path where I could be creative as well as physically disciplined and working for myself meant I could lead a fitter and more balanced lifestyle.

“One of my first painting and decorating contracts went so well that the home owners recommended me to their local real estate agent and I soon learned that working in a trade was all about word of mouth and recommendation.” 

 It was then one of Victoria’s Heritage painters John “Tubbsy” Tubbs took Frances under his wing and taught her the painting and decorating trade.

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 “The first advice he gave me was ‘never be afraid to paint a straight line’ meaning, approach your work with confidence and always respect the tools of the trade’.” 

 The next advice Frances benefitted from was when she met Sarina Russo Entrepreneurs South Ballarat Entrepreneurship Facilitator Dr Paul Miller and commenced the New Business Assistance with NEIS program last year and recently launched her business Frances Painting.

 “I had worked in an office environment all my life but it’s vastly different working for yourself,” Frances said.

 “Little things like getting business cards printed, marketing, creating social media and the finance side of things were initially a horror story, but Paul’s guidance was reassuring.

 “He had an amazing ability to find a common ground and a level of understanding that worked well for me and he could explain things six different ways for six different people so that eventually everybody had the level of knowledge required to run a business.

 “I love working for myself and have worked hard to be in a position to have three weeks advanced bookings.

 “I recently painted an Indian restaurant and function centre in Carrum Downs and I am also gaining skills in plaster, render and concrete repairs.”

 Five DIY tips:

1: Preparation is key

2: Protect every surface

3: Carry a rag and sand paper

4: Don’t rush it

5: Check your work

For more information please visit Frances Painting on Facebook!


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Poetry helps produce Nathan’s al dente pasta

Poetry helps produce Nathan’s al dente pasta

A LESSON in poetry and some calming advice may not sound like vital ingredients for a booming restaurant but good luck convincing Hervey Bay chef Nathan Crowd otherwise.

Unemployed and anxious about his future this time last year, Nathan went to Sarina Russo Entrepreneurs at Hervey Bay and met star Business Solutions Coach Malcolm Connolly.

“Nathan was freaking out and concerned about how much he had to do to start the business. I calmed him down, read him my poem and told him to relax,” Malcolm said.[Listen to Malcolm’s poem – ‘I’m Missing’]

“You could see he was thinking ‘where is this bloke going’ but the more I read the more he listened and when I finished he said “Malcolm, I get what you’re saying’.

“He then signed with the New Business Assistance with NEIS program on September 15 last year and that month he opened Fraser Coast Artisan Pasta Wholesale, now supplying the restaurants between Hervey Bay, Maryborough and Bundaberg.”

“And today, he opens his Artisan Pasta Bar.

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“It’s a real Italian look, serving the best handmade pasta direct to the public. The customer orders what ingredients they want and Nathan makes it in front of them.

“He makes all his pasta and sauce by hand daily and he has now amalgamated his wholesale business and his retail businesses.”

Sarina Russo, Managing Director and Founder of Sarina Russo Group, said there’s never been a better time to start a business under her mentorship through the New Business Assistance with NEIS program.

“We have put well over 9000 people into their own businesses since the NEIS program started and we instill in them the skills to survive,” Ms Russo said.

“NEIS gives people an opportunity to have a real crack at being self-employed. It’s a really low-risk program and I teach them to run their business on the smell of an oily rag.”

For more information please visit Fraser Coast Pasta on Facebook

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Sacha’s Vew Daycare is a Doggone Delight​

Sacha’s Vew Daycare is a Doggone Delight

EVERY dog has its day – and in the case of the pampered pooches at My Dogs Daycare at Wilston in Brisbane, that day is nigh.


The brainchild of internationally qualified veterinary nurse and passionate pooch lover Sacha Beatson, My Dogs Daycare will open for business on August 24 after months of meticulous planning and preparation.

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“We are a team of absolute dog lovers and professionals and our motto is ‘play, learn, relax, repeat’,” Sacha said.


“We have an amazing indoor daycare centre in Wilston, where safety is our first priority.

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“I have been working with dogs on a professional level most of my life, starting in the UK as a vet nurse, running puppy school and advising clients on Dog behaviour problems.”


As the holder of a Companion Animal Behaviour Certificate from the British Veterinary Nursing Association, Sacha’s hands-on skill set were indisputably impressive but, by her own admission, her business acumen needed some fine tuning.

That’s when she commenced the New Business Assistance with NEIS program under Sarina Russo Entrepreneurs Brisbane under the guidance of Business Solutions Coach Patrick Comerford and next week all the hard work will pay off.


“Sacha has invested thousands of dollars in her new doggy day care at Wilston and plans to open shortly,” Patrick said.


“I visited the centre last week and was extremely impressed by the efforts she has gone to and I have no doubt her business will be a success.


“She is very passionate about what she does and that will set her apart from her competitors.”

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