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"Shaw" Way to Save Man's Best Friends

WHEN Brisbane veterinarian Dr Evan Shaw graduated from James Cook University he earned his stripes working at the RSPCA and then set his sights on saving the world – or at least as many animals as he could.

Heading to Africa, Dr Shaw witnessed some disturbing scenes which included saving rhino, antelope and wildlife daily. But it was his return to Australia and one April day that changed the course of Dr Shaw’s life – and career forever.

In 24 harrowing hours, he euthanised 15 animals all of which could have been easily preventable, counselled families through the loss of their beloved pets and most importantly, put a plan in place to stem the loss.

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I signed up to save animals, not kill them,” Dr Shaw said.

“I knew I’d need help setting up an online business so I went to Sarina Russo Entrepreneurs and signed up for the New Business Assistance with NEIS program.

“That was in November 2017. I graduated from NEIS in September the following year and we went live online on August 1, 2018.”

That business is called FleaMail.com.au and delivers your pet’s flea, tick and worming to your door. Not 12 months later it boasts more 1600 pets and just last month received a significant cash injection when two private investors tipped in more than $120,000.

“The Australian pet-care market is very overcrowded and insanely difficult for pet owners to understand what their pets actually needs. Most just want a convenient and simple solution, which is exactly what we provide.”

Turn Your PASSION into a PROFITABLE Business!

“There is no one treatment that prevents parasitic diseases in Australia, you need a combination to get the best coverage.

“Our members simply go online, pick their pet and our vets identify the appropriate treatments according to the pet’s size and location. Then each month we post your pet a treatment pack, with exactly what they need, for less than going to a pet store yourself.”

Dr Shaw said the NEIS experience was one he would recommend to anyone wanting to become their own boss.

“My mentor, Keith Davidson, was excellent. He and I really connected, and we worked really well together and to know I could turn to him when things got tough was so reassuring.”

For more information please visit Fleamail.com.au

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