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Charlotte's Bees are Now Mobile

After completing the New Business Assistance with NEIS program under the mentoring of Sarina Russo Entrepreneurs Hervey Bay Business Solutions Coach Malcom Connolly, Charlotte’s business grew wings.

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“Charlotte has now bought a food van to sell her honey at the markets and her daughter Megan is running the van while Charlotte runs the business,” Malcolm said.

“Now, not only does she sell her honey to the local tourist resorts and the major cities she is also selling through markets and she is also in negotiations to sell her honey through FoodWorks supermarkets across the country.”

And as Bee-Utiful Honey Hervey Bay approaches its first anniversary, Charlotte lavished praise on the New Business Assistance with NEIS program.

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“NEIS opened up so many opportunities, more time to grow my business, do what I enjoy with being hands on, being creative, marketing and promoting, learning new skills, learning more about business and meeting like-minded people.”

“I used to play around with the bees as a hobby because one of my friends and his wife had some hives and now we produce between 35 and 50kg per fortnight,” she said.

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