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Dignity The Secret to Catchy Covers’ Success

ABOUT four years ago, emerging South Australian businesswoman Erika Pffaff and passionate aged-care campaigner was confronted with an image that shocked her into real action.

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“A friend of mine was a carer in the disability sector and she was showing me a particular clothing protector used in her organisation when adult clients have their meals,” Erika said.

“The garment was essentially a larger baby blue coloured “baby bib” and I was saddened and horrified that clients could be subjected to such undignified apparel – even when eating in public.”

A lifelong sewer and pattern maker, Erika was working in a café at the time, but she was propelled to ditch the hospitality industry and start her own business, designing and making customised protectors and clothing that enables clients to eat, work and play with dignity.  

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Erika made her way into the Sarina Russo Entrepreneurs Reynella office, signed up for the New Business Assistance with NEIS program and promptly launched her new business – Catchy Covers & Specialised Clothing.

“And so, commenced my journey of developing innovative, aged appropriate, respectful items for aged care and disability of all ages,” Erika said.

“Catchy Covers is a clothing business with a difference and the help and support from the Sarina Russo staff was an enormous assistance to get me to where I am today.

“They were all so supportive and not only did the mentoring help with time management and actually running a business, they were also great in doing research with me and identifying the niche market I now operate in.”

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